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AI Audit for Cash

Regardless of industry or size, cash audits are a critical component of audit work. However, cash audits are time-consuming and labor-intensive and involve a large number of non-standardized business activities.

AI Audit Finbot

The artificial intelligence machine assistant performs the process from real-time cash entry to audit-side accounting, improving the audit efficiency of CPA.

Audit involves five key

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, AI Audit Finbot can efficiently perform cash audit procedures, including:

  • Cash balance

  • Bank balance reconciliation statement

  • Bank confirmation

  • Foreign currency conversion

  • Financial status


The fast, seamless and intuitive audit process provides audit results in a more convenient and smooth way, thereby improving audit quality, accuracy and reliability.

Artificial Intelligence and Auditing


We use the ultra-high speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence to continuously innovate and improve audit quality.

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