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How do companies prepare their own financial reports?
Improve the timeliness and accuracy of financial statements?


Through AI artificial intelligence

Improve financial reporting processes

Improve the company's ability to prepare

its own financial reports

Help enterprises gain insight into their

own cash flow capabilities


Top Five

Financial Close Challenges

Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing increasingly complex global accounting challenges and rely on small teams to complete various tasks. An easy-to-use automated accounting practice system is crucial. Challenges for finance teams include:

Lack of integrated accounting structure

Information silos and poor integration of financial data

Financial data is inaccurate and delayed

Time pressure for month-end settlement

Lack of automated accounting

Financial management system supported by
AI artificial intelligence
Can assist small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve critical growth scale

Automatically generate financial statements daily, weekly, and monthly, and let AI produce annual accounting reports

Financial settlement reports and cash flow insights are the most critical part of a company's growth and operations, but their complexity and details are often the most daunting. However, the use of powerful AI artificial intelligence financial management tools to develop the company's unique process makes financial settlement more convenient and efficient.

  • Identify inefficient and error-prone accounting procedures.

  • Develop good change management methods and establish and implement SOPs.

  • Execute and support ongoing accounting procedures.

  • Automate and digitize financial settlements.


With the support of cloud mobile AI provided by AIFA FINBOT, major small and medium-sized enterprises can reallocate their precious time. The finance team can save most of the manual work and devote more time to help the company grow rapidly in the ever-changing market. AIFA FINBOT will provide real-time dashboards, allowing senior executives to customize reports and gain in-depth insights during the month from their device, desk or anywhere.

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