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Optimize Financial Strategies
with powerful Artificial Intelligence.

Get AI-Generated Data Solutions in Seconds

Benefits of AI in Finance


AI can help automate workflows and processes, work autonomously and responsibly, and empower decision making and service delivery. For example, AI can help a payments provider automate aspects of cybersecurity by continuously monitoring and analyzing network traffic. Or, it may enhance a bank’s client-first approach with more flexible, personalized digital banking experiences that meet client needs faster and more securely.


AI can help financial services organizations control manual errors in data processing, analytics, document processing and onboarding, customer interactions, and other tasks through automation and algorithms that follow the same processes every single time.


AI can process more information more quickly than a human, and find patterns and discover relationships in data that a human may miss. That means faster insights to drive decision making, trading communications, risk modeling, compliance management, and more.

What exactly can AIFA do for Banking, Accountings, and SME’S Finance sector?

Our solution is based on three cores A.I. frameworks, namely Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Optical Character Recognition. Together with our extensive experience in cloud architecture design and development, our solution will bring the most cost effective and scalable way to our CPA firm and SME clients. Apart from the application and server level design, we are putting our utmost effort in handling the data privacy and security of our clients’ sensitive financial data. On top of a guaranteed data integrity on our platform, our data management pipeline will also focus on generating insightful financial reports that aid both financial institutes and SMEs to better understand the businesses’ financial positioning and the healthiness of their financial credit scores.

Supports the following Commercial Banking statements

Standard Chartered Bank


DBS Bank

Heng Seng Bank

Bank of China

Ping An Bank

Bank of Communications

Shanghai Commercial Bank

Cathay Bank

Chiyu Bank

AIFA Finance Ecosystem

AIFA uses artificial intelligence to read, understand and analyze customer documents automatically, including invoices, purchase orders, cash flow, bank transactions and financial status.

Fully integrated the needs of Banking, accounting and SMEs, fueled by AI, enhancing data quality and value. Streamlining data acquisition, standardizing processes, and reducing client 's workload. 

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